Welcome to your guide for planning your wedding or elopement with us!

We are so thrilled you are here! Wedding planning can be overwhelming, so we hope this guide can help you get a good understanding of us, and how we can help to give you your perfect wedding photography.

Let me start by introducing myself!

Hey, I'm Hannah!

Part photographer, part model, and full time fur mama!

I've been photographing since 2012, which is when started this company as a Sophomore in High School! Since then I have learned so much, and now work in the wedding industry. I love to travel, and make new friends! We will probably be besties by the end of your wedding! :)

When you book your wedding photographer, you should look for a few things:

  1. Their style - You want to look at their photos thoroughly, make sure it all looks great and the colors/lighting is what you love! Instagram is my personal favorite portfolio display, since most photographer keep theirs well updated.
  2. Their Reviews - The second most important thing! Yeah, a photographer might take good photos, but how was the experience? Look for things like how the edits came out, delivery time, and if there have every been issues with the photographer in the past. There are too many scammers in the world, so reading reviews is very important before booking!
  3. How they make YOU feel - Hiring your photographer shouldn't jus be about who you got for the best price, or style, it should be about who you want to spend your entire day with, and TRUST to capture incredible memories. When you talk to your photographers, you want to feel confident that they will do a good job, and comfortable to be yourselves around them. Which is why I highly recommend meeting them in person, or over a video call, before booking anything.

With that being said, here is what we can show about us!

Our Style

We have a very candid style, with the goal of capturing the true, authentic love, between the two of you. Our colors are warm, muted, and unique. We have worked so hard to accomplish a look to best fit our style, here is a few examples.

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Be sure to view our entire portfolio, and check out our Instagram as well!

Our Reviews

These are the testimonials that have came directly from our clients. Some are also visible on our Facebook page where the clients posted them!



Abbie & Jose

The session we had with Hannah was so great! She made sure we had fun and were comfortable and made it so much less awkward than we thought. The images were amazing and Hannah is so very kind. The gallery was also delivered quickly, despite being so very busy! HM Productions is the best around, they do not disappoint!

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Lets meet!

Now that you have seen a little about us, we would like to get to learn about the two of you!

We take time to get to know our clients, this way we can provide them with photos that fit them, and tell their story! So lets jump on a call, meet up for coffee, and talk about your big day.