Welcome to your Ultimate Guide to booking the PERFECT Wedding Photographer!

It's more than just a wedding. It's the day that you and your person, become one. As photographers, we are here to capture every moment, so you can relive this day time and time again through the images you receive. Memories so precious so you can always look back, and feel like your there all over again.

" A picture is worth a thousand words" - Henrik Ibsen

First off, let me start by simply saying CONGRATS! You're getting married! I am so excited that you're here, and considering us for your journey. Let's get started!

Weddings are the most important days of our lives. Most of us have dreamt of this day since we were kids. When you dream of your wedding, what do you see? A castle with bright whites? A garden surrounding you with beautiful flowers? Maybe a certain décor style that you love? There are so many, and so many vendors who can help you with planning your dream wedding. But one thing I cannot say enough, especially after working over 100 weddings in the last 4 years, investing well for your big day is always worth it. Who you bring in to make your vision come to life is so very important. In this guide we can help you learn everything about specially what to look for with a wedding photographer.

According to google, the average cost of a wedding in 2021 was $30,000. There are defiantly ways to make this lower, and higher. The average cost of a professional wedding photographer in the US is $3000. This can vary on their experience, style, location, travel, and what they offer in their packages.

There is so much to more than price to consider when it comes to finding your perfect photographer. We are there to capture every moment, for memories that will last a lifetime. Photos to hang on your walls, that you can one day show your children, and grandchildren. With that being said, who you choose MATTERS!

Let's get into one of the top things that people search for in a photographer, their style.

The style means more than just the editing and colors, it also has everything to do with the quality of the images.

Next, who they are as a person! Because while someone might have great work, they may not always have the best personality. You don't need a Debbie-downer, or someone to stress you out. Look for someone you can automatically feel a great connection with, be able to talk to comfortably, and feel confident in! So let me take quick second to introduce myself.

Hey, I'm Hannah!

Your go-to for anything wedding related, your biggest hype woman, angle ninja, and magic worker (although I don't need to pull a bunny out of a hat for the magic I do!) I'm a total goof, and I love to make people smile! I started this brand in 2012, YES, IN HIGHSCHOOL. So I've got loads of experience + knowledge in the wedding industry, specifically within photography. I am a believer in just simply being you, and having fun! From the giggles, to the steamy moments and kisses, I am here to walk you through this entire process, poses, the what to do's & what not to do's, and anything else you might need!

Hey! That's me! :)

All in all, I can play whatever part I need to on your big day, to make sure that you're beyond satisfied with not only the work you receive, but the overall experience you have with me!

The next big thing to check is the reviews! There are a lot of photographers out there, and there are also a lot of scammers. Checking on reviews is the best way to know if a photographer is legit. You can view their reviews that haven’t been edited by them on Google, Facebook, and if they are signed up with these wedding sites, the knot, and WeddingWire also shows them.

I hope this will help to guide you in the right direction to finding your perfect photographer. If you’d like to learn more about our photography for your big day, check out the other pages on this website and fill out the form below!