Model Application

  • ARRIVAL: You will need to arrive 30 min prior to your shooting time for dressing.
  • SHOOT TIME: The shoot will begin at 5PM. You will be modeling for 2-2.5 hours.
  • MALE MODEL: You will need to bring your own attire. You will need a black suit, with a white button up shirt for the shoot. Preferred brown or black dress shoes.
  • FEMALE MODEL: Your attire will be provided and custom fit to your size. Please have measurements ready for hips, bust, and waist. (This does not apply to shoes)
  • HAIR & MAKEUP: You will need to have your own hair and make up done for the shoot. I highly recommend booking with an artist for best results. You can show them images of the mood boards for inspiration.
  • DEPOSIT: All models must pay a $50 fully refundable deposit. This is to assure you are able to come to the shoot, since the attire will be. Custom fit to you. If for some reason you cannot make it, you can get the deposit back only if you find a replacement who can fit the attire (shoes and clothes) and can make it on time for hair and makeup.
  • PAY: Pay for this will be $50 per person.
  • IMAGES: You will receive lots of images from the photographers, as well as from myself. Not all photographers will produce full galleries. But you may email them if you have questions about their images or galleries. Emails will be given after the shoot.
  • PUBLISHING: No one is allowed to publish this shoot without permission from the host. Host will be submitting her photos for publication.
  • TAGGING: You are required to tag the photographer of the image you share, along with any vendors included in that image (Venue, florals, gown, etc.)
  • EDITING: You are not allowed to edit over any images provided by the photographer. If you need any photoshop done, ask the photographer first!

If using Instagram, your profile must be set on public to qualify

This will be used to add you to our group chat, for updates, timeline, and vendor tags!

This can only be paid via Venmo, I will be holding all deposits here to return on the day of the shoot.