Let’s talk about boudoir!

When your considering doing a boudoir session there’s typically equal parts excitement and nerves, with the nerves focusing mainly on what to wear with your body type. There is no need to be nervous, because the cool thing is, we all have different body types, and there are so many different types of lingerie that are made specifically to those body types.

Curvy: Corsets are for you! The fact that you are able to tighten corsets gives you the opportunity to accentuate your waist as much or as little as you like. Plus, you can pair them with a really great garter belt 

Busty: If you are a busty gal, focus on balconette or demi bras. They keep the girls in without losing any of the sex appeal. High waisted briefs and/or boy shorts are a great option to wear with your bra as they help balance you out.

Hourglass: If you have this type of figure (which can sort of be similar to curvy) opt for anything with a garter belt. They help accentuate your waist, similar to a corset. Bodysuits are also a great option to accentuate what curves you have.

Fuller Tummy: If your stomach area is your major concern, opt for the babydoll or bodysuit style. Baby doll style can be rather appealing when paired with a cute pair of undies.

Slim: If you are lacking in the curve department something with a high waist can give the illusion of a defined waist. Adding a demi bra can also increase the look of curves as well. Bodysuits work well too!

Small Chested: If this is a concern for you, consider bralettes, or v neck bodysuits.

If lingerie still makes you nervous think a little outside of the box. Grab your significant others tee or tie to pair with your favorite pair of undies. 

Where to buy?

There's TONS of places you can purchase lingerie from, at all prices! The biggest difference is quality from different websites, so always check the reviews! I always recommend checking out your local lingerie shops, they typically have the most unique styles!