Elopements & Destination Weddings

Just take a second and imagine this. You and the person you love most, saying "I do", in the most beautiful place you can can think of. Where does your mind take you? A waterfall in Philippines? A volcano in Iceland? Maybe the shore of Maui? Wherever it is, I would absolutely love be there and capture every moment for you.

Elopements are not just about running away to be married in secret. In the past few years elopements have become more common, for the sole purpose of saving money on large weddings, and couples who really want their day to be about just the two of them.

I love elopements. In fact, when my day comes, I want to elope in the jungle of Bali, or maybe at a waterfall in the New Zealand! So let's go somewhere breathtakingly beautiful where you can be intimate, in love, and completely yourselves. A place you can go to get the photos of your dreams, the day YOU want, and memories that will last you a lifetime.

Let's get you married!

First things first, get to know the gal behind the camera!

Hi! I'm Hannah!


One of the most important things you should know about me, is that this is more than just a career for me, this is my PASSION! I started photography in 2012 (yes, I was in high school!) I fell in love with every part of it. In 2020 I finally took it from a hobby, to a full time job, and I love every second of it!
Each session is a new adventure and I aim to be more than just someone you hire, I am also here to be your friend & help you with any guidance you need!
Fun fact: I survived cancer TWICE in 2020!

LETS DO this!

Here's the process!

Elopements are beautiful, and luckily they do not require too much overwhelming planning. As your photographer, I can also be step in as your planner, to make sure your plans and day go as perfectly as you dreamt it would!

From helping you with locations for photos, getting the information needed for wedding in locations that require permits, to helping you get ready and helping you scheduling out your day!

I am here to help you with anything you need!

Here are some of the things I offer to help make it easier:

  • Custom Package
  • Timeline/schedule creation
  • All day coverage
  • Multi day shooting
  • Adventure Session
  • Engagements & Bridals
  • Included travel & taxes
  • Sneak Peeks
  • Second Shooter
  • Vendor referrals
  • Location scouting & research

Locations for destination weddings & elopement’s that I have experience in:

  • St. Thomas, USVI
  • Providence Canyon, GA
  • Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
  • Gulf of Florida
  • Gulf of Mexico

My Travel Bucket List

If you plan to get married at any of these places, I will most likely offer you a really cool deal!

The Philippines



New Zealand






Northern California





Still have questions?

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*According to google, average elopement photographers start at 4k*