Creatives Community - A Place For Creatives + Vendors

2021 was our first year in business, and it became a dream come true. When I became a photographer 9 years ago, the wedding industry was not like it is today. "Styled Shoots" and "Content Days" were not a common thing as they are now. So when they became more known, we knew it was time to jump in, and have some fun with it! We are not just here to plan events, we are here because we want to help you, and your business GROW.

I am a strong believer of community over competition, which is a big reason I started hosting these events. My favorite part of the wedding industry is being able to connect, and make amazing new friends, with people who know, like, and understand the same things that I do. This is why I came up with the name Creatives Community.

With that being said, let me tell you about what we offer!

In early 2021 we hosted our first styled shoot, and ended the year with 4 successful shoots! We plan to do 3-6 styled shoots every year if we can. In 2022 we have goals to grow our company even bigger. We want to host our first ever wedding expo, bridal show, and vendor hangouts!

We also plan to start doing rentals, from décor, to dresses/tux, so other event planners have more options when planning their shoot!

See what we have planned by clicking the link below!