It's more than just a wedding. It's the day that you and your person, become one. We are here to capture every moment, so you can relive this day through the images you receive. Memories so precious so one day you can look back, and feel the moments all over again.

" A picture is worth a thousand words" - Henrik Ibsen

First off, let me start by simply saying CONGRATS! You're getting married! I am so excited that you're here to help start your journey. Let's get started!

There is lots to consider when it comes to finding your perfect photographer. It should always be about more than the price. We are there to capture every moment, for memories that will last a lifetime. We may even be the last ones to capture that memory with a loved one. These are the photos that will hang on not just your walls, but even your families, and one day you will show your children and grand children.

I recommend starting with a 'style search.' Finding a style that you love, and fits your personality is SO important when looking for your photographer. There are so many styles to choose from. Natural, light and airy, moody and dark, brown-toned, luxurious, vibrant, you name it! I recommend Instagram for this search method. Its a great place for finding photographers since the entire platform is based around media! You can easily search for photographers based in the area that you're getting married, or where your from. Majority of photographers do love to travel so their location is not as important as you may think. If you find one with your perfect style, you will want to check out their website before reaching out, because it should be based off of more than that!

Once you're on their website, there's a few things you'll want to check out before sending in a inquiry. First and foremost, their reviews. Most people will always put good reviews on their own websites, but if you search them on other platforms such as Facebook, google, knot & wedding wire ect. you'll find the reviews that cannot be deleted. This is important because you will want to make sure there is no red flags from others who have worked with them. Scammers are also a very real thing in the wedding world, these reviews will help you determine if they're real or fake.

Here is a few reviews from my pages that my clients have sent in!

01 / 08

After looking through all of this information, if you're feeling good about one, check out their website! This is where you'll find the most information about them, including where they're based, a bit about their personality's, and how to reach out to them! Some photographer will include pricing or starting rates on their website, but not all of them do. I have a list of questions you can ask them once you've connected and set up a call/meeting! They will want to know all of the details of your wedding, getting on a call/facetime/zoom is also a great way to meet them and see how well your personality's would work together!

Questions to ask your potential photographer:

Where are they based?

How far will they travel?

How much wedding experience do they have?

What is their style?

What is the time frame for delivery on galleries or sneak peaks?

Do they offer second shooters/videography?

If you're feeling pretty good about it all so far, then dive into the pricing! The average professional wedding photographer costs in NC/TN average between $3k - $7k according to google. Some require deposits, and some even offer payment plans. It's also a great idea to ask them how their booking process works, and most importantly, make sure there is a legal contract in place, and read it thoroughly before signing anything!

Hopefully this short guide will help make it a bit easier when connecting with photographers and trying to find the perfect one for you!

oh, and CONGRATS!! :)

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My name is Hannah, I'm a wedding photographer based out of Eastern, TN. I travel all over the world to capture beautiful couples and tell their stories through my images. I created this business in 2012, so I have lots of experience! I would LOVE to get to know you and chat about your big day!

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