How it works:

I love working these sessions, they are so much fun. I make sure you are comfortable and CONFIDENT.

  • "Me Time" // 80 // All I ask from my clients is a small payment, and for them to book a place for us to shoot in. I allow up to five outfits, and up to 4 hours of shooting.

  • "Girls Day" // 60 // Up to 6 ladies, a day of photos, wine, and fun! Each Client must pay the small fee, and book the location for shooting. I allow up to 3 outfits, and 8 hours of shooting.

  • "Marathon" // 100 // This is when I set up a location for multiple sessions, with snacks, music, drinks, and a great time. These last for 1-2 days. You can bring up to 2 outfits for your hour long session, and have the option of having your hair and makeup done by an artist. Add additional outfits for 50 each. No additional time allowed in a marathon.

If you’re interested in participating in our next marathon, please fill out form below and we will send you a "first dibs’ for the next one.

Marathon Updates Form

Add an 8x8 premium hard cover photo book / 100

the perfect gift to your lover


How do we know it’s safe?

These session are done under contract, to make sure these photos go to you, and you only (unless given permission to share)

Do you share them on social media?

You will be asked in the contract whether you are comfortable with your images being shared. Some women allow it as long as their face won’t show. It’s completely up to you and I respect whatever choice you make!

Why do we cover the location fee?

I like my clients to feel comfortable, so for that I let them choose the location and cover the costs for it. All I ask for is a small fee to cover my travel expenses and meals. This is not included with marathons.

How many photos does it come with?

I will take hundreds. But I usually end up delivering around 50-100 images. Each session is different.